The Dave Campbell's Texas Football 50th Anniversary magazine
The Dave Campbell's Texas Football 50th Anniversary magazine
2009-10-28 00:00:00

From the Editors:
When we first started putting together our 50th anniversary collector's edition magazine last year, we'll admit it -- we were a little overwhelmed. After all, how can you condense 50 years of history into less than 200 pages? Think of all the players, and games, and teams, and moments ... no book can hold the wealth of information collected over the last half-century.

But after months of work, our Dave Campbell's Texas Football "50 Years of Texas Football" magazine is on racks at a store near you. The feature stories alone (which are detailed below) are worth the purchase. But the lists are something truly rare -- a ranking of the top 50 most memorable players, coaches, teams, games and moments, with the high school, college and professional ranks all mixed together for the first time in our history.

The goal of this book was never to just create debate -- instead, look at this 168-page collectible as a tribute to the past 50 years of football in Texas. The photography is one of a kind, and the writing -- capped by a feature written by Dave Campbell himself -- is the caliber which you've come to expect from our brand. This is truly one you don't want to miss.

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A Sampling of The Features

The Life and Times of Texas Football
Though our magazine has endured the test of time, it started out as just an idea, and one that wasn't exactly raking in the cash. But through the efforts of Dave Campbell and his staff -- not to mention his wife -- Texas Football magazine blossomed into one of the region's most beloved publications. Written by Dave Campbell himself, follow the fascinating history of the The Bible of Texas Football as it travels from concept to creation. This piece is truly one of Campbell's greatest works.

Covering all Angles
Despite all the content that makes up the near-400 pages in Dave Campbell's Texas Football magazine, nothing is as heavily scrutinized as our cover choice. Some years, we were right on the money. Other times, we whiffed. It's the name of the game -- but in this collectible, enjoy a five-page feature detailing some of our greatest covers and how they were made. If you're a fan of revisionist history, we've created three alternate covers to make up for some of our biggest blunders. And, of course -- our staff favorites. You may be surprised what made the list.

Impossible to Predict
Football in the state of Texas has never been easy to figure out -- from wild upsets to once-in-a-lifetime players, our passion for the pigskin has never gone wanting. Our six-page feature details some of the greatest moments in state history, through the eyes of a writer who has truly seen it all. From the greatest double-header in state history to the death of the Southwest Conference and all the way up to UIL realignments, former managing editor David Barron has had a front-row seat for the wildest party you could ever imagine.

True Romance
Obviously, everyone here in Texas assumes that the sport of football started with us. But that may not be the case -- The Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Jim Reeves explores just where our favorite sport may have come from, and, more importantly, where it may be going. No less an expert than former Baylor coach Grant Teaff -- contrasted with current TCU great Gary Patterson -- expound on the sport's past, present and future. And there's parallels where you might not expect them.

A Sampling of The Lists

A Sampling of The All-50-Year Teams

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