No place like home
No place like home
2013-07-18 07:30:00

Empirical proof that the state of Texas is truly the state of football.

 By Greg Tepper
 DCTF Associate Editor

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There are few things of which Texans are as prouder than our football heritage. The Lone Star State is, well, the state of football – from high school to college to pro, we know that it means more to us, helps to define us more, embodies what it is to be a part of our culture more than any other state.

Put more simply: the state of Texas just does football bigger and better than anyone else.

Some folks from out of state may view that as cockiness, even arrogance. I can certainly understand that sentiment – it must be tiring to hear another state continuously claim something as subjective as football supremacy.

But we Texans aren’t just blowing smoke. We’ve got the facts on our side.

Every year, in the recruiting section of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football – the only magazine of its kind in the nation, because what other state could support a 400-page football magazine? – we break down which states produce the most college recruits on the FBS level.

The results shouldn’t be surprising to you: in 2013, Texas led the nation in the number of high school players who signed FBS letters of intent, with 341 athletes from across the Lone Star State signing with FBS programs. That number grows even larger when you factor in junior colleges and prep schools – all told, Texas produced 379 players headed to play FBS football, topping second-place Florida and third-place California by a relatively comfortable margin.

But let’s take that one step further, because we can prove even more convincingly that no state shapes the nation’s football scene quite like Texas.

The DCTF crew recently had a conversation around the office about the number of Texans on FBS rosters across the nation. One of our intrepid interns, Marylyn Toledo, went through the 2013 rosters of all 124 FBS programs in America on a search for Texans. The results: pretty staggeringly in favor of Texas as the dominant football state.

In all, 104 of the 124 FBS programs (84%) feature at least one Texan on their roster. The only schools without a single Texan: Akron, Ball State, Boston College, Bowling Green, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Florida, Fresno State, Georgia Tech, Hawaii, Louisville, Michigan State, North Carolina State, Northern Illinois, Rutgers, South Carolina, Temple, Toledo, Virginia Tech and Western Michigan. Literally every other FBS school in the nation has at least one Texan on the roster.

But the numbers don’t stop there: 55 schools have at least five Texans on their roster. So, just less than half of the teams have five or more Texans on the roster. Pretty astonishing.

What’s more: 22 teams have at least 20 Texans on their roster. That’s 18% of all schools in the nation. Those teams: Baylor, Colorado State, Houston, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Louisiana Tech, Louisiana-Monroe, Missouri, North Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Rice, SMU, TCU, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas State, Texas Tech, UTSA, Tulsa and UTEP.

So, the next time someone from outside the state of Texas says that the Lone Star State’s football dominance is overstated, set ‘em straight, and let them know that down here, we truly are the state of football.

Greg Tepper is the associate editor of Dave Campbell's Texas Football and

He can be reached via e-mail, via Twitter (@Tepper) and via the DCTF Facebook page.

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