Texas Tech hires Tommy Tuberville to replace the fired Mike Leach
Texas Tech hires Tommy Tuberville to replace the fired Mike Leach
2010-01-11 00:00:00

By Travis Stewart/Texas Football

We're putting out our postseason magazine today, and it's going to be on racks at a store near you in a matter of days now. But even if time is short, we'd be remiss not to touch on the biggest story outside of the national championship game -- Texas Tech's hiring of Tommy Tuberville.

Opinion is running the gamut, from exuberant to dejected and everywhere in between. On one hand, there's the decided allure of bringing in an experienced coach that won't be having to ask silly little questions to get a program in place. The man has a plan. It's just a matter of whether it works or not.

And that's the down side -- can the SEC-bred Tuberville make it work in Big 12 country? Remember -- this is a man that's fielded an undefeated Auburn team before. As far as SEC teams go, he was one coach who was willing to risk popularity by looking outside the run-game-and-defense box. As far as ingenuity and experience, Tech gets an A-plus.

And here's the million dollar question -- has Tech over-hired?

Tuberville has been out of coaching for a year now. After he stepped down at Auburn, he became one of the more attractive coaching options in the country. He's a championship-caliber guy who's going to want to coach championship-caliber teams. Is he in the right place?

Whether you or I think Tech is a national title contender is irrelevent. It's whether Tuberville does. Because if he doesn't think Tech has what it takes, he's going to jump ship and use this job as a springboard to someone else. People tell me he's too old for that. The man is 55. Hell -- compared to Paterno, he's in his prime. And if he can get a Big 12 South title out of these Red Raiders, people are going to call. Is Tuberville going to be a one-and-done? Probably not. But a two-and-flew? Possibly.

That's not necessarily a bad thing. Anything that keeps Tech in front a national audience is great, right? They could just move to the next guy. But continuity is the flour of a successful cake.

Will Tuberville offer that stability?

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