Class 3A

Friday Night Five: Refugio’s reckoning tour continues

The Bobcats look like they're on a collision course with Canadian, and George Ranch stays a step ahead of Temple.

There weren’t any major upsets on Friday night, but that doesn’t mean the results weren’t noteworthy. Here are a few that caught our eye. Refugio gets revenge. Shiner knocked off the Bobcats 30-19 earlier this year, and it wound up winning the district crown. The Comanches have a commanding defense, and it tightened up even more in the rematch, but…

Sorting out the favorites remaining in each division’s bracket

After some attrition and upsets, who are the teams to beat?

Photo by Will Leverett We, dorks like myself in the media, like to create favorites. We need the underdog/favorite dynamic because we feel like it makes a story meaningful. Telling an audience which team was supposed to win gives context to a game story that it wouldn’t otherwise possess. So, with eight teams left in each bracket, here are the favorites…

Must-see state quarterfinals in every class

You can't go wrong with the match-ups everywhere this weekend, but if you had to pick, here's a great place to start.

Photo by Mark Flanagan No bad answers remain. With only eight schools left in each bracket, choosing the best game from each classification is splitting hairs. Every game has a unique storyline and a lot on the line. If I had to pick a game from each classification to attend, however, these are the games. Class 6A – Katy vs….